In this year, let's resolve to be....


A better pet parent, a more educated pet community member, an involved citizen and the best version of ourselves! 

I resolve that in 2022 I shall, just like my pet

  • Live in the moment! I will not fret, stress about things out of my control; I will not worry about the life that has been, nor what will be, but will just truly enjoy the moment I am currently in. 


  • Take a walk & smell the roses! Being more aware of my health and taking a moment to appreciate the world I live in is of paramount importance to me. Just like my dog, I will engage with my environment & enjoy every breath I take 
  • Imprint my paws in new places! Travel, travel & more travel! I will begin to socialise, immerse myself in new places, sights, smells & sounds...and enjoy it, just like my dog, would. I don't need to travel the seven seas, but I will explore what I have around me too
  • Learn new skills! I will not hit a point this year when I am not learning new things. Just like my dog's obedience & tricks training, I too shall learn a new language or a new art or explore my hidden talents! Life is too short & the world is too large for me to feel like I have learned it all!

  • Be a happy person! Yes, I will have my moments, but I will always be grateful for what I have and of course, the love of my pet! 2022 here I come! 

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