Anvis Learning & Pet Handling Academy (A.L.P.H.A)

If you want to learn more about pets or get trained and certified before joining the Pet Industry, we have many courses on offer at our Pet Academy, Anvis Learning & Pet Handling Academy (A.L.P.H.A)

We have different courses (Online plus Hands-On Practical Training) for pet lovers wanting to offer the below as a service either part time (Gig Economy) or even full time.

We even have a specialised course, for Cat lovers who want to offer cat boarding as a specialised service or to learn and understand more about these beautiful, wonderful species! Contact us for more details.

For the Pet Enthusiast who wants to learn to either bond or strengthen the bond with their pets, we have the following online courses :

Our teachers are experts in their respective fields and have been in the Pet Industry for over a decade successfully providing all kinds of Pet Services. You can learn about their credentials on the ALPHA page.

As we like to say "If one has to learn French, always learn from a native French speaking person - not a German or a Belgian who also happens to know french :) " 

Do visit Anvis Learning & Pet Handling Academy (ALPHA) to know more!