International Pet Relocation Consultation / DIY Pet Relocation with Anvis Pet Relocation Specialist
International Pet Relocation Consultation / DIY Pet Relocation with Anvis Pet Relocation Specialist
International Pet Relocation Consultation / DIY Pet Relocation with Anvis Pet Relocation Specialist
International Pet Relocation Consultation / DIY Pet Relocation with Anvis Pet Relocation Specialist
International Pet Relocation Consultation / DIY Pet Relocation with Anvis Pet Relocation Specialist
Anvis Pet Relocation

International Pet Relocation Consultation / DIY Pet Relocation with Anvis Pet Relocation Specialist

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 Consultation provided by Certified Professionals ?


1) IATA Live Animals Regulations (L.A.R) certified. 

2) Consultant is also the founder of  Anvis Pet Academy (A.L.P.H.A) & Anvis Pet Relocation


Experience in Pet Industry


11+ Years


Moving with pets across countries comes with its own set of challenges. What works for one pet to the same destination will not work for another. Websites are not always updated, and airline and country regulations are constantly changing. Therefore, understanding the process in detail will go a long way in bringing down the anxiety for both you and your dog/cat and make for better travel.

Hence our Anvis Pet Relocation Specialist, Anand Vishwanath, who has been a pioneer in personally flying pets on behalf of their parents to over 50+ cities across 21 countries, for the last 10 years is offering this consultation to share up to date information on the why's and how's of Pet Transport specific to your Pet Into or Out of India.

Post gathering this information, you can choose to work on the documentation & logistics on your own (DIY Pet Relocation) or even engage with an agent who can manage all this for you. Whichever way, you have a complete understanding on what's happening and what to expect during the relocation.

We aim to cover the following (as per consultation option) in this session:

  1. Understanding your destination country regulations.
  2. What are the Tests and Preparation Time required specific to your destination?
  3. Understanding Airline regulations specific to your dog/cat.
  4. What's the right size and brand of IATA specified crate for your Dog or Cat?
  5. How does your dog or cats' size & breed impact travel? What are the workarounds?
  6. Understanding different types of flying options specific to your pet - Which is faster & safer?
  7. Checklist of Certificates and Documentation required.
  8. Process of getting the documentation corresponding to timelines.
  9. Check In at Origin, Transit & Check out at Destination - Process & Best Practices  
  10. Post Travel - Best Practices.


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Thank you very much for all your guidance and support!

Finally.. The email I was waiting to write! All of us arrived safely in LA. Spiti did very well despite the long hours in the crate and is excited in her new home. Thank you very much for all your guidance and support!

Manoj G.
India India

Thank you entire Anvis team!

Want to thank the entire Anvis team - Ramya, Anand (and many more), Savita, Siva and Ganesh from Global Cargo (I am sure there are many more), and Mike and Taylor from Capital pet movers, for their amazing support in this massive relocation! Cannot thank you all enough.

Vamshi T.
United States United States

Dedicated to providing you and your pet the best service!!

I remember when I was moving back home from India, I knew there was no way I was going to leave my furr baby behind. I started to research online what it would take to make that possible. After clicking and reading through just a few links that had decent information and gave me a gist of what it would take, my stress levels went from 0-100 real quick. I had no idea who to contact and what the process really would be to do the paper work or flight booking or anything for that matter. Luckily for me I came across anand’s service on the internet and reached out to him immoderately. Within no time he came out to meet me and my dog and sat down to first listen to what my needs were and then went on to explain every bit of detail there was to know. Literally helped me through every step and my stress went from 100% to 10% knowing that here is some one who is dedicated to making sure my dog will reach the destination safely and not be left behind. I remember mentioning to him that my dog has never been crated before, how will he stay in a crate for so many hours. Anand was kind enough to explain that hey, you have some time, go ahead get him used to being in the same crate that he will be using to fly. He helped me through all the paper work, flight booking, crate training, neutering, procedures for drop off and pick up, when to give him the last feed before the flight and even explained what would happen during the layover. Day of the move he made sure there were people at the airport to guide me and make sure my dog was in safe hands. Everything worked out great and smoothly until the drop off. Even though I knew he would be okay, my anxiety kicked in and I was worried for him the whole flight. Fast forward after I landed at my destination, and walking towards the pick up area I could see my little one in his crate all happy and excited to see me. I took him outside and he let out one of the longest pee’s I have ever seen . But I noticed his crate was absolutely clean, he didn’t have any accidents. And he also did drink some water and had some food on the layover. My little guy was happy and playful as ever. Now 6 years later I’m still so thankful to have found anand and his team. You guys are god send and are doing amazing work. Thank you for helping my dog and me through the whole process


Really helpful consultation and support on pet relocation

Anand’s excellent consultation helped make it a very smooth transition for my two Cats. He walked us through the overall process in an initial briefing call so we know what to expect and start planning for the process and was always available to answer any questions. Anand also provided a detailed step by step process as the date of travel approached and walked us through the health certification, carrier setup and even what to expect when working with the airline to let them know about the pets. The entire process was exactly what Anand said it would be and I didn’t have to worry at each step whether I missed something. Anand’s dedication in providing the right information and helping pet parents understand the process makes it easy for me to highly recommend using this consultation service to ensure you will be able to take your pets with you. Thanks for helping Percy and Missy get to US safely Anand!

Elizabeth H.
India India

Worth every penny - Expert advice on worldwide pet relocation!

We used the services of Anvis Pet Relocation to move our cat Pompom from Bangalore to Europe. Because of COVID, they currently are providing online-based expert advice on how to arrange the paperwork and travel details on your own. Anand was there every step of the process for me, from the calls explaining what paperwork is necessary, to email responses to my many questions. Their services are extremely professional, affordable, and I would *highly* recommend using them for any pet relocation worldwide. 5 stars don't do them justice, I would give Anvis Pet Relocation 10 stars if I could! Thanks again for all of your help in getting Pompom to the Netherlands, Anand!