Anvis SPCL Dog Lounges @ Bangalore

It's home! It's a training zone! It's playtime! 

Does your SPCL Pet need a change of place?
Are you a little tied up at home?
Do you think your SPCL fur baby need some obedience training reinforcement? 

If yes, then you should certainly consider Anvis SPCL (Sleep.Play.Cuddle.Learn)Dog Lounges across multiple locations in Bengaluru!

A brain child of Anvis's pack leader Anand Vishwanath (certified canine behaviourist) and Malvika Manjunath (Anvis trainer & rescue shelter volunteer at California), your SPCL fur kids  will play, train, engage the dogs while you can run your errands or take a break from the daily routine.

What a SPCL way for your fur-baby to be cared for by the very best who speak dog!! 

Anvis' SPCL Dog Lounge includes* between 9:30AM-1:30PM on weekdays 

  • Certified trainers on-site
  • Obedience training classes 
  • Behaviour modification sessions 
  • Basic agility & appropriate toys
  • Access to clean drinking water
  • Lunch and/or treats (additional fee)
  • Appropriate socialisation
  • Video & photo sharing of the day's activities
  • Ample rest!

If your dog is bit rusty on his obedience training or you would like us to work on specific behaviour issues, then feel free to book an add-on training request while your dog hangs out with us.

This whole time, we will capture your dog’s fun moments playing, training, being pampered by our pet professionals and share them with you so you don’t have to feel like you missed out!

Come along now and let's have a ball!