To-Be Pet Parents Consultation
To-Be Pet Parents Consultation
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To-Be Pet Parents Consultation

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Ready to be Pet Parents? or Not? Let's save you hours of internet research and help you decide.

Opening your home to a doggie is a decision for 12-15 years and if lucky, even more. You have done some basic research and seen the doggie at your friend or family's place and want one too. Maybe you were fortunate to have been owned by a doggie earlier and want your partner and kids to experience that magic too.

But the most important question is, are you and the entire family really ready for one? And if yes, have you shortlisted the one that really fits into your lifestyle and home? It's really easy to get carried away by the looks of neighbour’s dog or the emotional connect you had with your earlier dog and want the same. But it's never the same. Even dogs that are cloned have different personalities, temperaments and even physical traits. The last thing any pet parent wants to do is bring a doggie home and give them up because the fitment wasn't right. Sadly, it happens more than one can imagine. And lack of information and time on research is the biggest cause.

This is where our experts come in and bridge the gap. They have a very good understanding of different types of breeds, their temperaments, personalities and can - to a large extent predict which type of doggie will do well in your home. Of course, we will need a detailed understanding of your lifestyle, preferences, expectations etc. to set up this match. Unfortunately, we will not be able to recommend any breeders but will be happy connect you to people in the pet space who may have the doggie personality that's best suited to your family which may be up for adoption. We have seen quite a few to-be Pet Parents actually parking or altogether dismissing the decision of bringing home a pet after talking to us :) We feel this is our biggest value add in this consultation.

 Consultation provided by Certified Professionals ?  Yes. Consultation is by Educators at the Anvis Pet Academy (A.L.P.H.A)
Experience in Pet Industry 3 to 11+ Years




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