Summer Camp for Kids!
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Summer Camp for Kids!

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When we are living together with a different species like dogs, it is vital we learn to read their body language, respect their greeting etiquette and be prepared in any medical emergencies.
In this summer camp, we invite children to learn more about
1. Canine etiquette
2. Approaching unknown dogs
3. Learning how to spot illnesses in dogs via our videos
4. Canine expert interactions & fun quizzes. 

The first week will cover, over 3 separate hours, the following :
- Basics of dog's body language
- Differentiating between human and canine gestures
- Tips on how to approach unknown dogs. 

The second week is open for kids with pet dogs for us to learn some cool new tricks such as
- Getting your dog to only focus on you no matter what
- To share secrets as well as the basics of getting the dog to learn the concept to open doors, turn on lights, etc,.
These tricks will be taught in 3 separate sessions, each lasting an hour long.

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