Nida's Dog Walking @ Jayanagar, JP Nagar & Nearby, Bangalore
Nida's Dog Walking

Nida's Dog Walking @ Jayanagar, JP Nagar & Nearby, Bangalore

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Hi I'm Nida! I'm a dog mum of one very naughty rescue spitz, Rocky. I run my own nonprofit (mental health for children), and I used to work in film production. Since adopting Rocky, who was already around 5-6 years old in 2019, my life completely changed. He was skittish, traumatised, and needed A LOT of love and patience. The learning curve was steep for both of us, but all that effort was well worth it because today we're best friends!

Due to Rocky's difficult temperament in the beginning and his age, I've learned how to be patient with dogs as well as being pretty good at understanding their moods and body language. Our morning walks are my favourite part of my day, and I love just wandering around with my little buddy, meeting neighbourhood dogs, and just enjoying life!

Through going for regular walks every single day, I've managed to gain his trust and now we're best buddies! We meet our human and dog friends every morning, sniff around, and also learn the "leave it!" command. I'll also help your dog get the exercise they need!

So if you need me to give your doggie a good brisk walk everyday or cover up for you on days when life becomes very hectic, simply fill up my Dog Walking Request Form and we can connect and discuss the logistics.

I also offer Pet Sitting Do click on the link for details on the same.  

Certified Professional

Yes. Certified at Anvis Pet Academy(A.L.P.H.A)

 Experience in the Pet Industry 

3.5+ years

Dog sizes accepted
  • Small sized dogs (1-15 kgs)
  • Medium sized dogs (15-25 kgs)
Dog Walking Timings 

 Weekdays - 6am to 9pm

Weekends - 9am to 11pm 

Proofs of these vaccinations/ treatments are mandatory

Anti-Rabies & DHLPPi vaccinations & upto date on Deworming and Tick and flea treatments

Specific behaviour issue that I am good at handling

Dogs that pull on the leash

Jumpy & Excited dogs

I have experience in medical attention
  • Basic First Aid & Identify signs of sickness
  • Administering oral medication
Updates to pet parents

Photos and videos sent as per pet parent request

Dog Walking prices


Please do fill in this Dog Walking request form for more details.

Other Add-On services provided (Additional Charges)
  • Paw cleaning after the walk
  • Daily Brushing
Other preferences
  • I prefer not to walk multiple dogs at the same time
  • I prefer not to walk dogs without a leash, no matter how well trained they are
  • I prefer not to walk female dogs that are 'in-season'/'in-heat'
  • I am flexible with pricing and discount structure for long term walking clients
  • I am willing to travel outside my preferred radius if travel charges are covered

The one-time registration fee is not mandatory to connect to the professional. Fill up the request form above to get connected to the professional.

Registration fee once paid, however is not eligible for refund.

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