Dog Walking by Satish @ R.T.Nagar, Ganganagar, Sanjaynagar, RMV II Stage, Hebbal & Nearby, Bangalore
Dog Walking by Satish

Dog Walking by Satish @ R.T.Nagar, Ganganagar, Sanjaynagar, RMV II Stage, Hebbal & Nearby, Bangalore

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Hello! I am Satish and I love pets!

I have always believed Pets are a great blessing in anyone’s life. They are the only ones who love us unconditionally. Pets always offer us everything they have without asking for anything in return. The main aim of any pet’s life is to make their 'owners' happy. Nowadays, even the term ‘owner’ is changing. People prefer their pets as kids and to themselves as parents. This is how the relationship between pets is evolving. People treat them no less than humans. For instance, we celebrate their birthdays, take them out on vacations and very concerned about their wellbeing. In my opinion, I feel the pets rightly deserve it. The most common pet you can find at anyone’s place is dogs. A man’s best friend and the most faithful animal, a dog. I also have a pet dog, Captain and I love him to bits. We got him when he was a little baby and have watched him grow into a beautiful dog. All my family members love him with all their heart. We love his silly antics and cannot imagine our lives without him. 

A regular walk is vitally important for all dogs. Obesity in pets is associated with a number of medical complaints including osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and insulin resistance. Most dogs need to be walked at least twice each day, though some dogs, particularly very active dogs, may require more. The breed of dog you have, as well as its level of fitness and age, will also determine how long and how vigorous your walk should be. A walk can make a dog very happy. They love to check out the sights and smells and will really look forward to spending time with you. A dog that doesn't receive sufficient exercise can easily become bored or destructive.

So if you need me to give your doggie a good brisk walk everyday or cover up for you on days when life becomes very hectic, simply fill up my Dog Walker Request Form and we can connect and discuss the logistics.

I also offer Pet Sitting Do click on the link for details on the same.  

 Certified Professional 

Yes. Certified at Anvis Pet Academy(A.L.P.H.A)

 Experience in the Pet Industry 

1+ years

Pets & Sizes accepted
  • Small sized dogs (1-15 kgs)
  • Medium sized dogs (15-25 kgs)
  • Large sized dogs (25-45 kgs)
  • Extra large size dogs (45+ kgs)
Dog Walking Timings 

 Weekdays - 6am to 9am

Weekends - 6am to 11 pm 

Proofs of these vaccinations/ treatments are mandatory

Anti-Rabies & DHLPPi vaccinations & upto date 

Specific behaviour issue that I am good at handling

Dogs that pull on the leash

Jumpy & Excited dogs

Updates to pet parents

Photos and videos sent as per pet parent request

Dog Walking prices

Small dogs - Rs.150/hr

Medium Sized Dogs - Rs.200/hr

Large sized dogs - Rs.250/hr

Extra large sized dogs - Rs.300/hr

Please do fill in this Dog Walking by Satish Services request form for more details.

Other Add-On services provided (Additional Charges)
  • Paw cleaning after the walk
  • Bath
Other preferences
  • I prefer not to walk dogs with existing medical conditions
  • I prefer not to walk multiple dogs at the same time
  • I prefer not to walk dogs without a leash, no matter how well trained they are
  • I am flexible with pricing and discount structure for long term walking clients
  • I am willing to travel outside my preferred radius if travel charges are covered

The one-time registration fee is not mandatory to connect to the professional. Fill up the request form above to get connected to the professional.

Registration fee once paid, however is not eligible for refund.

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