Board and Train Puppy Training
Board and Train Puppy Training
Anvis Puppy Trainers

Board and Train Puppy Training

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Is obedience training on your mind, but your schedule doesn't allow you to train your pup? Then maybe this offering from Anvis can help!

For 10 days your pup will be boarding with Anvis's best trainers, in their homes learning basic obedience and etiquette of living as a domestic pet.

With our boarder/trainer's astute training skills, the journey to iron out the tiny wrinkles in the dog behaviour can begin which you can easily implement in your homes after the boarding has ended.

Location: Available Anvis trainer's home

Duration: 10 days

Course: Basic obedience of sit, down, stay, recall, fetch & walking on the leash. These commands will be transitioned to Pet Parents on the last day of the program.

Pet Parents will need to continue practising the commands at home every day to get the best out of their puppy.

Food: Arranged for by pet parents

It's only 10 days of separation from your furry friend but your lives together, after, will be one of pure joy where your dog will be able to behave and listen to your instructions without much frustration. Let's see who is more well behaved when they are back home :-) 


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