The Woof Love Puppy Training School @ HSR layout, Koramangala, Haralur, Sarjapur, Domlur & nearby, Bangalore
The Woof Love

The Woof Love Puppy Training School @ HSR layout, Koramangala, Haralur, Sarjapur, Domlur & nearby, Bangalore

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** I will be taking up training sessions post 06 Aug 2022. Thanks for understanding**
Hello! I am Aishwarya and I am a certified dog trainer!
I have been in love with dogs as long as I can remember and I love that I get to do something that helps to bridge the gap between the two species! (Dogs and humans). My training approach is solely positive and I do not use any aversive methods or equipment. Fear based, intimidating methods do more harm than good. All the learnings are temporary.
Learning about dogs and their ways of communication and understanding them has been very fulfilling and it's a constant learning curve and I will be extremely happy to apply what I have learnt to help you and your furry friends.
I have been a Pet Buddy with Anvis since 2018 as a petsitter and now as a puppy trainer! Raising a well adjusted puppy is a lot of work, commitment and can set the tone for what kind of adult the pup will grow on to be. I am here to ease your burden. I will help you understand your dog's mental and physical needs so that they can easily navigate their lives in this human world and peacefully co-exist. I hope I am able to help you and your pups in my journey as a dog trainer. 
Simply fill up your puppy details and requests in my The Woof Love Puppy Training School Request Form and we can connect to discuss the way forward.
My training approach is science based and completely positive. I do not believe in intimidating the dogs into submission or using aversive equipments. All that we'll use to teach your dogs is our voice, our body language, their favourite foods, toys and lots of praise and love.
I also offer Pet Sitting services. Do fill in your pet details here and we can connect.
Where am I Certified from?  I am certified at Canines Can Care by Shirin Merchant
No. of years in the Pet Industry 4+ years experience
Types of Training offered

1x1 In-Person training at Pet Parents home

My speciality area in training Puppies

Basic Obedience commands (Recall, Sit, Down, Stay, Fetch, Look at me etc.)

Fun commands (Shake hands, Hi-Fi, Roll over etc.)

Toilet Training

Jumpy & over excited dogs

Dogs pulling on the leash while walking

Nipping/Teething issues

Mental Stimulation games

Experience of handling pets with medical issues
Basic First Aid & Identify signs of sickness
Administering oral medication

Puppy training offered for  Puppies Upto 10 months of age
I prefer not to take up Puppy training requests for 

Dogs with existing medical conditions

Dogs with aggression issues
Timings for training sessions

I am available from 6am to 6pm on weekdays

I am available from 6pm to 9pm on weekends

Areas covered

HSR layout, Koramangala, Haralur, Sarjapur, Domlur & nearby

I am willing to travel outside my preferred radius if travel charges are covered

Individual session rates
1-on-1 in person puppy training at pet parent's home Rs. 1200/hr.


For customised pricing or services, please fill in Woof Love Puppy Training School Request Form with your requests and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

The one-time registration fee is not mandatory to connect to the trainer. Fill up the request form above to get connected to the trainer.

Registration fee once paid, however is not eligible for refund.


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