Intermediate Dog Training
Intermediate Dog Training
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Intermediate Dog Training

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Have you fully trained your pup to "Sit", "Down", "Come" and now you are looking for more things to do with your furry friend? Do you dream of having your dog listen to you amidst more distractions for longer durations? Would you like to now teach your dog fun things such as going to bed or turning on/off the lights per your command? 

Well, think no more! Sign up for our online DIY intermediate training for dogs that are older than 6 months who have fully learned the basic obedience commands.
This course builds on the dog's basic obedience commands and works as a foundation for advanced training, scent work or agility training exercises in the future.'

How long is this course: 6 sessions

How long is each session: 45 minutes 

How will I be taught: via live video calls with Anvis trainer(s) aided with demo videos for you to practice with your dog everyday.
What can I teach my dog? 
1. Reinforcement of basic Obedience - Recall, Sit, Down, Stay & Fetch
2. Focus - Teach the dog to focus on you. 
3. Place - Teach your dog to go to a particular place like bed or another room.
4. Wait - Teach your dog to stop in his/her tracks when they come charging towards you or other people or pulling away from you.
The above four plus any two below as of your choice :
5. Leave it - Teach your dog to leave/ drop any object they have in their mouths.
6. Touch - Teach your dog to touch specific objects like their leash, toy, door knobs, bowls etc.
7. Back - Teach your dog to go back in his/her tracks. 
How will the work be reinforced: Pet parents share videos of the dog's training progress to the Anvis trainer(s) and appreciation, corrections, alterations will be offered in real-time. 

What language is the course offered in: English 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for this and have even more fun with your furry pal! 

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